Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I Would Pick Corn, Beans, and Dairy

After about nine months of eating a highly limited diet (no beans, wheat, sugar, corn, dairy, chocolate, many fruits, potatoes...), I am getting antsy. Every week or so I'll wig out and buy grapes or corn chips and pay for it in stomach discomfort. I definitely notice improvements in that I can eat a small amount of sugary fruits like blueberries and be generally fine. I can also eat agave nectar (which I have found to be easier to digest than even raw honey) to sweeten my foods. Yet I am still entirely stuck when I am hungry and want to fit in with everyone else's eating habits.

If friends are eating corn chips and guacamole, I have to worry about the tomatoes in the guacamole and I have to exert willpower not to eat just one chip. In the end, I am probably healthier, but sometimes being healthy is not fun. So if I could choose a few things from my banned list, I would chose corn, beans, and dairy. With corn, I'd be able to eat sweet corn which is flat out awesome and I'm growing some this year. Being able to eat beans would mean that I could have a snack wherever I go and I'd be able to make a filling soup without loading up on rice. The day I can eat dairy again, I am going to gorge on cheese. I miss cheese. I would love to eat it even if it meant I never ate wheat again in my life.

Almost there...


  1. Yes, living without some of those things can definitely be tough. I can go days without dairy, but then once I start ... watch out! My sympathies for sure. Hang in there.

    I hope this news will cheer you up ... I've given you an award over at my blog! :-)


  2. Yay, thanks for the award!

    Once I actually bring my camera to the garden, expect a glitzy garden post.

  3. Hi! Saw you linked on Shirley's site. I can relate to your words all too well in this post. Know that you're not alone! I think I'd go with dairy and chocolate (which is basically dairy and cane sugar but can't have those) and eggs if I could have some things back!!