Monday, June 15, 2009

Digestion on the Rise

After being unable to digest the lettuce greens I grew indoors back in March, I was hesitant to grow larger amounts of fresh veggies outside. I get nervous when I eat an uncertain or unsafe food. With a weak digestive system, I cannot handle wheat, corn, soy, dairy, sugar, nightshades, and an excessive amount of any grain. But I had a low vitamin-D level, so gardening would only help even if the food is inedible. So when I harvested my own lettuce greens and spinach and had the desire to stuff my face with my spring bounty, I knew the healing process was true.

While I am sure it is a coincidence of time that I am now able to eat the raw greens after tending the garden for over a month, I cannot help but to find a correlation between growing food and feeling better. Michael Pollan says connecting with your food is good for you, and I wonder if I am more mentally sound being outside in sunny and warm weather with a bunch of living edibles. Perhaps gardening is my mental health treatment after being trapped inside all winter with a swollen stomach. I may not be able to digest everything, but at least I feel I could digest everything I grow!

Now that we harvested our first greens and spinach (it has been a slow, cold spring), I am excited to have instant snacks, whether raw or cooked. Below is my recipe for fresh wilted spinach:

2 handfuls of washed spinach
1 tbsp. oil
2 pinches of salt

1) Heat the oil in the pan on medium high.
2) Before the oil starts to really sizzle, but is hot, throw in the spinach.
3) Stir the spinach into the oil and once it is coated, add one pinch of salt.
4) After a couple minutes the spinach will become bright green and soft enough to poke a spoon through (if it still makes a crunchy sound like raw spinach, keep cooking). Remove from pan, and another pinch of salt, and eat immediately!

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  1. It's easy and sounds good, and needless to say is so good for you. I throw raw spinach in with my scrambled egg and it's delicious.

    Thanks, Matt!